List of Medical Services

Baby and Children Medical Care

Childhood vaccination
Baby and children health services
Sensitive cough and sensitive nose management
Eczema and children skin rash

Adult Medical Care

Full Health screening
Vaccinations for travel and Haj
General consultations
Geriatric health
Chronic disease management
Weight loss program
Vocational and maid medical examinations
Skin and acne conditions
Eczema and skin allergy

Women Medical Care

Family planning and emergency contraception
Pre-marital screening
Menstruation problems
Breast and cervical examination / pap smear

Men Medical Care

Hair loss
Sexual health
Sexually transmitted disease
Comprehensive STD screening
STD treatment
Joint therapy
Arthritis pain management
Joint injection for inflammation
Gel replacement for knee joint
Surgical procedures
Skin tag and wart removal
Skin lumps removal
Wound stitching and dressing
Ear wax removal
Nose and throat foreign body removal