Fight COVID-19 with simple home based workouts

Exercise to fight the virus

Build up your immune system by adopting an active lifestyle. This can be simply done at the convenience and comfort of your living room! The following is a list of home based workouts which are aimed to build lean muscle mass and burn excess calories.  Remember to warm up and stretch before the exercise session and keep yourself hydrated.

Before starting the workout session, make sure you are feeling well and exercising in a safe environment. Always consult your healthcare professional if in doubt.

Exercise 1 : Squat, Bend and Reach

Exercise 2 : Diagonal Chop (Left to Right)

Exercise 3 : Diagonal Chop (Right to Left)

Exercise 4 : Bird Dog Crunches (Left)

Exercise 5 : Bird Dog Crunches (Right)

Exercise 6 : Flutter Kicks

Exercise 7 : Calf Raise Squats

Rest for 30 seconds in between each exercise. Complete the entire routine, rest for 60 to 80 seconds and repeat for another 3 to 4 cycles if time permits.