9 Steps to Protect against the Flu Virus

1. Avoid touching your face

Avoid touching your face with unclean hands as this increases the chances of catching the virus

2. Handshakes

Handshakes can pass the virus if the infected person has touched his nose / mouth / face

3. Wash your hands

Washing hands with soap helps to prevent the chance of infection

4. To mask up or not?

For those having flu symptoms, wearing a mask helps to prevent the spread of virus to others

5. Stay home

Stay indoors when you are sick, be socially responsible 

6. Avoid crowded places

Try to avoid crowded places or mass activities wherever possible. 

7. Drink up and eat well

Drink more plain water, eat fruits and vegetables (rich in vitamins) to improve immune system

8. Exercise

Keep active and maintain a consistent workout regime to keep yourself healthy and fit

9. Stay positive

Stay positive - worrying does not help improve the situation