Eating Right this Festive Season

1. Have Regular Meals

Do not skip meals to prepare for the festive meal as overeating might easily occur.

2. Start with a serving of salad

Fill up with some fiber to stabilize the appetite for the main course, add dressings sparingly!

3. Portion Control

Opt for a smaller plate, Set aside half the plate with vegetables, trim off fat from meat and moderate on simple carbohydrates such as pasta or rice

4. Drink in moderation

Watch out for the alcohol content in drinks, alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  

5. Substitute the sweet drinks

Choose plain water, tea or fruit infused water. Punch out the fruit punch.

6. Nibble on the desserts

Moderate on calorie dense, sugary desserts such as sweets and cakes. These are easily the unhealthiest part of the Christmas spread so log out from the log cake.

7. Choose healthy snacks

Choose healthier snacks such as baked nuts and cut fruits to munch on.

8. Stay active through the festive season

Find some time to sweat it out, dedicate some parts of the day to jogging or resistance workouts to help the body burn those excess calories.