Cholesterol & You

What is cholesterol?

It is a waxy, fatty substance produced by the liver, is essential for the production of hormones, vitamin D & digestive components in the body

Only 25% is derived from the food we eat, the rest is produced by the liver

Through the 24 hour Pollutant Standard Index (PSI) that takes into consideration PM2.5 levels.

High amounts of Bad Cholesterol (LDL) can lead to plaque build-up in arteries which can result in reduce blood flow to...

  • The Brain (Stroke)

  • The Heart (Heart Attack)

  • Stomach, Kidney, Liver (Digestive problems & Gallstones)

  • The Limbs (Peripheral arterial diseases) 

Lifestyle changes to improve cholesterol levels (How to keep LDL Cholesterol at bay)

Say yes to Mono Saturated / Poly Saturated fats

Say No to Trans Fats / Saturated Fats

Choose Healthier Fats

- Lean Meat

- Baked Nuts

- Olive / Canola Oil

- Fish (Salmon)

- Low Fat Dairy Products

Say NO to Trans-Fats

- Deep Fried

- Sweet Desserts

- Hydrogenated Oil

- Oily Snacks

High Fibre Foods

- Vegetables

- Oats

- Fruits

- Brown Rice

Exercise Regularly

- 100 - 150 mins of exercise per week

Drink in Moderation