Understanding Influenza Vaccination

What is Influenza?

Influenza is a virus that can cause serious respiratory infections and, at times, can lead to complications and even death. It is highly contagious where spreading occurs when you inhale the virus through another infected person's cough, sneeze or speech. It can occur to anyone of any age.

What happens in a case of Influenza infection?

It will result in
1) High fever that may last for more than a week
2) serious cough and flu symptoms
3) Lethargy and bodyache

Groups of people that are at risk of serious complications and deaths are
1) children less than 5 years old
2) elderlies older than 65
3) Patients with chronic conditions like Diabetes, Heart diseases, Asthma, HIV, patient on dialysis etc. 

Influenza is preventable through vaccination!

Myths about Influenza Vaccination

1. It can prevent all flu and i will not fall sick that year

Incorrect. It will prevent influenza virus. However there are also many viruses that can cause milder flu and cough symptoms.

2. I do not need it anymore as i have taken it last year

Incorrect. Influenza virus undergo mutations on a yearly basis and different flu vaccines are produced yearly. It will be good to check with your family doctor if you need yearly vaccinations

3. I should only get flu vaccines if i am going on a holiday to cold countries

Incorrect. There are many tourists and travellors to singapore. They may bring influenza into singapore. There can be influenza virus spread in singapore at any time of the year. Flu vaccine for high risk groups should be done yearly for best protection.

Influenza is preventable through vaccination!