Fighting Fever For Your Child

What to do when your child suffers from fever...

Fever is one of the most prevalent illnesses a child can suffer from. Knowing what to do as a parent is important to help alleviate the situation and ensure a speedy road to recovery. The following infographic will highlight some of the measures parents can adopt. 

1)Keep your child well hydrated.
2)Dress your child in loose clothing to allow heat exchange
3)Keep the room cool and ventilated. It is okay to turn on the air conditioner at about 26 Degrees Celsius
4)Can give medications such as paracetamol and ibuorifen syrup

HOW TO USE PARACETAMOL AND BRUFEN for children > 1 year of age

1)Upon detection of fever > 37.5 deg -> give paracetamol.
2)Check temperature 2 hour after giving paracetamol – if higher than 38.5 deg -> to give ibuprofen , if not higher than 38.5, then can dose paracetamol syrup at 4 hourly interval

( DISCLAIMER: DIFFERENT DOCTORS MAY RECOMMEND YOU DIFFERENT REGIME BASED ON THEIR OWN PREFERENCE – this is just a recommendation. If fever persists 3 or more days, please consult doctor)